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My name is Lisa and pencils and brushes have always been my most precious playmates!

I grew up in a family of artists and this led me to believe that it is possible to live on your passions. I lived my childhood in a small village in the Abruzzo countryside, and I had to develop some creativity so as not to get bored!

I have become a “grown-up” but my nature remained: curious, reflective and fascinated by diversity and beauty, I have learned to fully enjoy the world around me, to be amazed by the beauty that lurks in the smallest things, to appreciate the many nuances in them.

I would like to call myself a traveler: in the world or in my mind it is impossible to stand still! My suitcase is always there, ready under the bed, eager to start discovering new colors, unusual shapes and unusual faces.

But how did I get here? Well, I proudly changed my mind several times along the way; as a child I wanted to be a paleontologist, as a teenager I studied Arabic and I was sure that I would become an interpreter, and after a degree in Architecture I finally decided to use my great passion for drawing. I studied illustration at the International School of Comics in Rome, and attended classes and workshops to improve my technique; but drawing wasn’t enough for me, so I merged my love for illustration with my passion for paper, and I started creating quality artisanal products.

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And so, back in my mountains, my special laboratory was born, where I create artisanal products with my illustrations, which I carefully pack and ship all over the world.

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Welcome to Lisalab

Lisa’s Lab

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General FAQs

Which techniques and materials do you use?

I use tempera and colored pencils Caran D’Ache, but I also experiment with digital coloring techniques! For my stationery production I use Fabriano, Favini, hanhemule  papers and obviously recycled and certified paper.

Where do you work?

I have a small workshop and a laboratory room in my house in Barisciano (L’Aquila). Come and see me for a chat!

Where did you study?

In Rome, at the International School of Comics after a degree in Architecture

I am a publisher and I’m looking for an illustrator for the next book/series, are you available?

Of course, I love collaborating with publishers! Contatct me.

I wrote a children’s book, can you illustrate it?

Yes, I work with authors who want to do self-publishing. Contact me to show me your project!

I would like to buy a book illustrated by you, where do I find them?

In the books section you can find the purchase link for some of the books.

I have to give a special greetings card, can you help me?

Of course! You can find everything on this page of my shop.

What gifts do you recommend for a new mother or a birth?

The baby’s diary, the prints for the bedroom, a personalized birth poster, the card package for the baby’s steps, a photo album for the first adventures.

What are the next events you will attend?

Let’s meet in person! Here you can find my next events.

Brands I’ve worked with