Paper Craft

From the union of design and the innate passion for paper, my production of albums, baby diaries, recipe books and notebooks came to life, the perfect synthesis between brush and manual skill.

I fulfill requests for paper lovers by creating quality artisan products in my special laboratory, step by step, from illustration to binding.

The love and dedication I have for paper push me to use high quality materials, FSC certified and recycled papers.

Baby Diary

The arrival of a baby is a special event and this diary wants to celebrate it properly!

From the love for paper and illustration comes a completely handmade notebook, which accompanies mom and dad from the beginning of pregnancy to the first year of the child.

The diary is studied in detail: the customizable cover, many colored pages to fill out day after day, nice pockets for storing important items, and plenty of space to fill with random photos and thoughts.

The practical hardcover format ensures that the diary is always at hand, ready to welcome every little big goal of the baby.

I put all of myself into this project, and the diary is already accompanying so many new parents in their enchanting adventure!

It is also available in English and French.


How is it composed?

The diary runs from the beginning of the pregnancy to the first year of the child’s life. The first 15 pages are dedicated to thoughts during pregnancy, photos of ultrasound scans, letters to the baby; the next 25 pages concern the baby’s arrival and important events from the birth to the first month of life. Then you will find the achievements and memorable moments of the child’s growth, the last 20 pages are free so you can write thoughts and paste photos or tickets!

When do you recommend giving it away?

If you know the future mother well you can give it as a present immediately, in other circumstances I always recommend waiting at least the third month of pregnancy.

Is there room for photos and writing scattered thoughts?

Of course, in addition to the many pages to be filled, there is the final section composed of white and striped pages.

Travel Notebook

Travelers, explorers of the world and backpackers, this notebook is designed for you!

Traveling is an infinite source of thoughts and emotions, to be collected in this pocket diary: the semi-rigid kraft cover, illustrated with one of the five continents, contains two replaceable moleskines, a planisphere and adhesive labels to personalize the pages. The closure takes place with button or magnet.

Prepare your suitcase and notebook!

Bon voyage!

Photo Albums

My love for travels and photographs led me to conceive a simple, practical album, all in recycled paper, customizable in a thousand different ways.

The album has a rigid kraft cover, with rings and closing lace in black fabric; in the internal pages, in 200 gsm kraft cardboard, you can articulate your photos as you like. Free your imagination and enrich your album with writings, drawings and decorations!

Available in various formats, you can request a personalized illustration on the cover, in addition to those already made by me, and add names, phrases or important dates.


Is it possible to customize album interiors with different color pages?

Currently I do not offer this service, but I can remove some pages if you believe they are too many.

How many photos can I put in the album?

In the 15×21 format you can put up to 60 photos, in the 21×21 80 photo format, in the 25×25 format you can put about 150 photos.

How should I paste the photos to get a good result?

The best solution is the double-sided tape.

How do you advise me to write in the album?

You can use pens, markers, gel pens, colored pencils, acrylics.

I would like an album with a personalized portrait. What should I do?

Go to the dedicated section of my shop and choose the portrait that’s right for you! Select the size you want and the number of people to redraw. Once placed your order you can send an email attaching the photos. Specify if you want me to add text or other particular details (such as clothes and accessories).

Should the subjects of the portrait be in the same photo or can they be different photos?

It is not important that the people to be portrayed are together, but I must be able to see their faces, the colors of their eyes and hair. They can be individual photos, then I rework the setting.

How long does it take for the creation?

It takes from 5 to 15 days, depending on the period. To be sure, always contact me in advance and if you need to receive your portrait by a specific date write to me before buying it. Within a few days from the order, I will send you the sketch in pencil with a hint of colors so that you can get a general idea of the result. When you approve it, the final portrait begins. After the approval no more changes can be made!

Diaries & notebooks

Diaries and notebooks are indispensable for anyone who loves to pin, draw or scribble the thousand ideas that blend in the head; with my totally handmade products I tried to make the writing experience even more intimate and pleasant, taking care of every phase of the realization, from the choice of the paper to the binding. This allows me to create completely customizable notebooks, from the cover to the interiors: it is possible to define the number of pages, the color of the paper and choose illustrations and contents. Diaries, notebooks and recipe books have never been so original!


I would like a notebook with precise characteristics, can you help me?

You can visit the dedicated section of my shop and if you don’t find what you are looking for, know that I can create the right notebook for your needs! We can study the number and color of the internal pages and a personalized cover (you can choose the illustrations already made or create one from scratch).

Do you create personalized recipe books?

We can draw together your special recipe book by choosing number and color of the internal pages, organization of the chapters, personalized cover (you can choose the illustrations already made or create one from scratch).

Can you make an annual diary with a personalized cover?

Of course! You can choose title, phrase and design.

How much does a personalized notebook cost?

It depends mainly on the number and weight of the pages. Up to 40 pages I make a perfect binding in glue, over 40 pages I make a binding in thread reference. If you want a notebook that opens up to 180° (especially recommended for left-handed users) I can use the Coptic binding, a beautiful practical and elegant visible finish.