Lisa Ciccone Illustrations

I love to create illustrations with tempera, pastels and watercolors, but also using digital painting techniques. I'm specialized in Illustrations for Children and Children's Books. Each design is a small masterpiece of craftsmanship, the result of a lot of work but above all a lot of love. Creating something so special and unique is a wonderful feeling . Over the years I developed a greater passion as an Illustrator of Children's Books. Here you will find some works dedicated to the world of the very young.

Sometimes I find inspiration in poetry, such as the "Ink Fragments" series, that you can find here among my Illustrations. It is an exhibition born after the encounter with the poet Alfonso Canale and his Poetic Collection "Miroirs-Mirrors". For me it represented a very liberating experience, I put on paper the emotions that I felt by reading those verses in my own way.

You can find out more and see the photos on my blog: